Sweating is natural detoxification, the body’s way of restoring and rebalancing itself. We ingest toxins on a daily basis, from those found in the environment, to metals and PBAs found in certain plastics and cosmetics which are absorbed through the skin, to those toxins we consume more directly, such as alcohol. When we perspire we release these toxins and other built up substances from our systems; this purging process is integral to our systems running effectively and efficiently. More still, sweat regulates body temperature so we don’t overheat or freeze. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to switch from ‘anti’ to ‘pro’ perspiration, there’s the fact that endorphins are released as we sweat, allowing for a clearer and happier mind.

We know ‘natural deodorant’ might seem daunting and perhaps a little too ‘hippy’ for some. Benefits aside, no one wants to walk around sweating like a stuck pig. But with change comes discomfort and discomfort is temporary and often well worth the reward. While you may experience an initial ‘purge’ phase where you perspire or smell your body odor (remember it’s you, it’s natural) more than you’re accustomed to, this adjustment period lasts just a few days to twO WEEKS.

As your body adapts to natural deodorant and regulates its perspiration, you can easily combat any unwanted sweat or odor by washing your armpits regularly during the transition. And less chemicals and toxins being layered on and trapped in your body means over time, not only healthier, better smelling pits but a healthier, better smelling you.