Traditional vs Natural Deodorants - What’s the Difference?

Going for clean deodorants may seem like an easy choice - they smell nicer, have better packaging and generally just feel better on the skin. But the difference is much deeper than these superficial advantages.

We'll even go as far as saying that natural deodorants should be seen as a new invention. Because they've actually reinvented our relationship with sweat and how we deal with our body’s natural processes.

The difference is in the name.


Conventional deodorants are considered antiperspirants, while natural deodorants are strictly deodorants. The key distinction between them is the way they approach our body odor problem. When our body sweats, that sweat sits on top of our skin. Then as the bacteria on our skin start to break down our sweat, they begin to grow and thrive. This is when we might start to notice a faint scent of the dreaded BO.

There are two ways that we can prevent our bodies from smelling. We can stop the sweating or stop the bacteria from interacting with our sweat.

Traditional antipersperants aim to stop the sweating - hence the combination of ‘anti’ & ‘perspire’ in its name. They use aluminum salts to close up our sweat glands and to stop our sweat from ever escaping our skin. While this is effective, many of us are unaware that the aluminum ends up getting absorbed into our skin. This is totally unnecessary when there is a perfectly good alternative.

So, how do Natural Deodorants Work? Instead of closing up our sweat glands by getting absorbed, natural deodorants sit on top of our skin to combat smells. They fight the odor by directly targeting bacteria, rather than fighting our sweat glands.

So instead of using aluminum, natural deodorants depend on these powerhouse ingredients to combat sweat and bacteria:


Witch hazel : 
witch hazel can both shrink our armpit pores and help our sweat evaporate more quickly. It is also traditionally used as an after-shave, which means it can calm our skin after shaving!


Saccharomyces Ferment : 
this fermented ingredient contains naturally-occurring live enzymes that can help break down odor-causing compounds. This is a proven natural ingredient for fighting odor.


Essential Oils : 
essential oils are known for their strong bacteria-fighting properties. This helps to keep the bacteria at bay and prevent odor before it develops! Plus, they smell pretty great too. The best essential oils for deodorants include rosemary, sage, lemongrass and tea tree.


We used a powerful combination of these ingredients to create the perfect deodorant spray. Then, we added in aloe vera to hydrate and soothe your skin as we fight odor-causing bacteria. So it’s time to stop plugging up your skin and start working with your sweat naturally. Start here.