Our Time in The Midnight Sun

Alaska calls itself the Last Frontier, and in some respects it is. Many Americans will never reach this part of the country, and for those of us that do, we can spend weeks, months or even a lifetime there and it still would not be long enough to see and touch everything in this place.

This summer, we made our way north from California, and as we grew closer to Alaska, the landscapes became increasingly spectacular. Mountains were taller and more majestic than any we had seen before, and lakes were an indescribable color and vibrancy. We looked intently, trying to take it all in, but were often overwhelmed by the sheer beauty.

We learned that in many ways, life here aligns with the seasons. Travelers like us flood the state during the endless summer days, but leave it an empty playground for the locals during the cold, dark winter. Many residents thrive here by living a subsistence lifestyle that cooperates with the extreme climate and makes use of the abundant natural resources.

A highlight for us was exploring the long, primitive roads that wind to different remote parts of the state. McCarthy Road took us to an old mining town surrounded by glaciers and mountains, the Dalton Highway led us above the Arctic Circle into the Brooks Range, and along the Denali Highway we stumbled upon amazing campsites surrounded by wilderness.