We Are Journeymen

Artist, musician, designer, skater… At just 21 Julian has been creating work for some of the biggest brands and artists in the World – Kanye West, Vans, Gosha Rubchinskiy and ACNE Studios to name a few. In this episode of “WE ARE JOURNEYMEN”, we explore Julian’s philosophies on life, freedom, and creativity.

Growing up skating, Julian began creating from a young age. His work now aims to connect people on a deeper level, carrying messages of love and compassion. These are the words he thinks everyone should hear.

Julian’s work is both tasteful and rich in meaning. We’re fans of his work. But more than anything, we love Julian for having the ability to communicate in such a truthful and authentic way. Both in his art, and in everyday life.This Journey that he has embarked on, one that aims to search within, appreciating what makes him unique, is what we respect above all.